Sunday, August 4, 2013

Yesterday's Walk

IFit:  So far, it's pretty good!  There may be a little bug when I use other peoples maps but I'll see as I  go along.  Sometimes they may be doing something on purpose but they are not good about communicating how to use the program......for instance, how to get the map to run (there was this little secret symbol up in the top corner you had to click after you started the treadmill, secret because they didn't tell you about it and it wasn't obvious).

Anyhow, I created a map "Yosemite Chapel to Yosemite Falls Inn".  I scheduled it, and it was there!  Exciting because that hasn't always happened.

SOOOOOO!  Here are some pics of my walk on my treadmill this morning!

 The Yosemite Chapel driveway is on the right hand side. And across the valley floor, you can see Yosemite Falls, well, part of it anyway.

Down the road we cross the stone bridge and turn to the left heading back to Yosemite Falls.

As we walk along we have beautiful views of the valley floor. 

                                         And we end up at Yosemite Falls Lodge

It was a nice quite little walk to test out if the map feature is working.

Where shall I walk this morning?

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  1. Find bog trail LOL
    Hey, what week days are you available in Sept I want to plan a trip to Yosemite with Rob.