Friday, August 30, 2013

Sprinkler update

 All the new sprinklers are in on one side of the patio and today I hope to finish the sprinklers on the other side.
 This is a "butterfly bush" that I raised from seed years ago.  They passed the seeds out at an informational meeting at Ardenwood years ago.  Monarch butterflies winter at Ardenwood and this is one of the plants the caterpillars feed on.  I sort of keep an eye on the leaves of this plant around this time of year.  When some of the leaves look like they are eaten, then I see if I can find the caterpillars.

 The start going to seed and look a little ratty from all the seeds popping out.  This is a seed pod getting ready to burst.  Whe the seeds take off, they look like those "fairys" we used to chase in the air.

This is what I took care of yesterday afternoon.  That little stinker cat of ours loves to get in my closet, find my box of patterns and start shredding.  Lucky for me I found out this time before she got down to the actual patterns.  You can see by the envelopes that we've been through this before.  This time I moved the box out to my study were she can't get to them again.

And this is where I walked yesterday morning on my treadmill:
Along the coast of the island of Hawaii

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