Sunday, August 25, 2013

Patio Project Update

The front brick patio was put in around 35 years ago.  It consists of bricks layed in sand with sections divided up by 2x4s.  As the years went by the 2x4s degraded to nothing and the bricks started to fall in that space.  The ants weren't helping either, they would remove the sand in some spots to make room for their home.  Plus, there was a broken sprinkler pipe under one section that needed to be fixed.  Anyhow, the whole thing needed some help.


And after, at the front gate

I decided to tackle the divider boards that needed to be replaced.  Bricks are all back in and the sand is sweeped in the cracks.  It just needs to be hosed off in a couple of days.

The sprinkler pipes had been put in all those many years ago.  We had been told to put in thin wall PVC pipes....wrong!  So we have been replacing them as we go.  We still have a bit of that to go.

Then it will be off to the nursery for some new plants!


  1. Looks great Mom! Did you use that artificial boards for the dividers or just regular wood?

  2. I used that plastic deck boards so it should last longer this time.