Tuesday, August 13, 2013

World, look out!

 We all have stereotypes, putting people in a box and not letting them out.  I just want to share this video with you and see if it changes anything in your thinking.


I have a grandson, Tim that has been not the run of the mill person.  He is "different" and this can be challenging and heartwarming.  I can always count on Tim to come running to me with real happiness to see me.  Now days, grandchildren may be in the middle of a text message or game or TV but Tim will always put me first!  He can just do all kinds of things no one expects him to do.  He has special talents (especially finding fantastic hiding places to put things).  He can find fun anywhere, especially throwing the most unexpected things up on the roof. He has wonderful ways of telling me a story.  He is so many things and can do so many things...Don't Limit HIM!

When Tim has a great teacher, like his aunt Jen or his last year teacher, he excells tremendously!  When he isn't limited, he soars!  Don't Limit HIM!

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