Saturday, August 24, 2013

To Bee or Not to Bee!

We are having our backyard fence on one side replaced.  Unfortunately, our bees live right next to the fence.  So......George, the Honey Man and Luke, not Skywalker, but the Grandson, had to move the bee hives this morning.  They will be vacationing at a farmers place in Fremont for a few days. 

Usually, my bee girls sleep in, but it was a warm night, so the girls were up early.  It seems a lot of them went off to get their work done early so they can relax with a cold one this afternoon.  They didn't get the memo on the move, so when they got back...

So, George put the doors on so no more could leave....
You can see some of the girls that have come back, but the door is closed!

Then soon the last hive is loaded in the car....
George was so sweet, he left an empty box for the girls left behind to at least go into, as they wonder what happened to their home and all the rest of the gals!

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