Thursday, August 14, 2014

Corset Cover Done! Let the Petticoat Begin!

The last of the hooks and eyes installed. Amen.


Now to the Petticoat with Bustle begin!

The is the petticoat pattern from Truly Victorian.

I made one up for my first bustle dress last spring.  The pattern is very easy, but it takes quite a bit of time, just in putting in ruffle hems and gathering them.  But, this pattern does really make the bustle dress outline.

This is the petticoat.....

And this is what is under the ruffle overlay!
The boning can be ordered from Truly Victorian in a kit.

There are ties under the bones that make the boning warp into its shape.  I really didn't know how tight you were to pull the ties.  I just kind of winged it.  The more you tighten, the more it sticks out back.  You do want to tighten enough so that it is not sticking out the sides of your hips.

The neat thing about this bustle is that it folds up when you sit down with no problem.  The whole thing is light weight and you completely forget about the caboose behind you!

I also worried if I could get in and out of the car with the whole get-up problem, it is just like having a lot of skirt back there.  You just have to remember to get in slowly and guide up the bustle so it folds up.

The petticoat I am about to start working on is for Jen for her new bustle dress for Christmas High Tea!

Tomorrow is a FREE DAY at Ardenwood.  The East Bay Park District is celebrating it's 80 year anniversary by giving Free 3rd Fridays this year.  Tons of people are taking advantage of it and we need all hands on deck!  Lots of tours to take care of everyone.

And Saturday is Cajun Zydeco with lots of different foods to try and wonderful Cajun music and dancing.  They even have dance lessons before the REAL dancing begins!
The Patterson house gets very busy by the end of the day! So, if you want to go through the house, do it early!

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