Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mourning Dress- Problem solving

The last of the details are pretty much done, but I did have some problems to solve.

Remember, I was worried about the lining showing on the bottom edge of the bodice.  Since the dress is black and the lining was ivory, the "look" would be ruined.

A little bit of the lining can show and really looks bad on the black.

I was at the point of no return.  I had trimmed edges and I was afraid it would not "go back" the way it needed to if I tried to replace the lining with a black fabric. to fix it.  I tacked extra wide bias tape (black) all along the bottom edge of the bodice.

I am happy with it.  It solved the problem and doesn't look bad.  But, lesson learned.

The sleeves
I pressed them again and it looks a lot better.  I am ok with it now.

The sleeve length
I shortened the sleeves.

The buttons
I dropped by JoAnn's fabric this morning......they don't have any more of the buttons that I need and I need at least 2 more packages of them.

I looked for JoAnn Fabrics around the bay area but they were pretty far away.  Then I came across a site.  They had the exact buttons!  So they have been ordered.  They probably will be here in about 2 weeks.

So, I have all the detail that need to be done except the embellishments!  Pleats at the bottom of the skirt!

I pulled out my "Perfect  Pleater".  I am going to have to read up on how it works.

This 3-day weekend is the Railroad Faire at Ardenwood !

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