Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mourning Dress...Update!

I have been working on the dress in between earthquakes, staying with my granddaughter and a lot of other little things.

I took pictures last night and for what it is worth, here they are:

I did put the sleeves in...

And I worked on the pleats in the back.

"Dolly" is sized for Jen so the bodice does not fit her as it will me...and the buttons are not in yet.

Then the lining was put in.  I used a piece of soft cotton fabric from my stash.  After wearing a bodice lined with a lining fabric for the Murder Mystery event, I decided for a tight bodice, the feel of the lining fabric on a warm evening is not comfortable.

Unfortunately the lining is an ivory color. Now I am worried about it showing on a black dress.  When I chose it I was so sick of trying to see what I was doing with all that BLACK, I just gravitated to the lighter color.  I did check to make sure the lighter fabric wouldn't show through the back, but I didn't think about under the pleats in the back, along the bottom edge of the bodice and the sleeves showing.

Oh, well.  Problem solving.

The sleeves don't quite sit well at the seams like I want them to, so the hand stitching on the lining around the sleeves will have to come out so I can fix the sleeves.

I am not really happy with the pleats in the back so I am going to take all the stitching holding them down and redo.

The buttonholes came out well and I have to add the buttons.

When I get those things done I am going to add the pleats on the skirt and maybe a few other embellishments.

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