Sunday, August 24, 2014

What a way to wake up!!

So, did you feel it?

That is the common greeting after an earthquake in the SF Bay Area. If you did, I hope it was kind to you. I was in Niles, a part of Fremont, CA with my granddaughter while her parents are in Seattle for the weekend. Niles sits on top of the Hayward Fault and I have worried about that. In fact, one of their friends has evidence their master bedroom is smack on the fault. USGS has checked out their property. They live just a couple of hundred yards away from where I was sleeping this morning. It was a rock-n-roll situation about 3:30 this morning, I figured about a 5, if epicenter was near. Unfortunately, it was a lot bigger at the epicenter, Napa, CA, in the wine country of the north bay area. Thankfully it happened when there were not a lot of people in dangerous areas, although there were about 90 people hurt.   


I have been moving

along on the Mournig Dress Bodice.
The interfacing was basted onto the fashion fabric to make everything very stable.

Then all the main parts were sewn together.

I decided to layer the top of the vest with a rather heavy lace I had in my statch. I had just enough. And while looking for the lace I came across some pipeing so I decided to add that to the "jacket" edges at the vest.

This pattern has the look of 2 collars, one for the jacket, one for the vest. So the collars are basted in.

Then came the boning. I had gotten a different kind of boning a while back. This kind is made of a plastic web and can be sewn, so I tried it out.

So that is where I am so far.  Today, I will be attaching the sleeves and installing the lining!

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