Friday, August 15, 2014

Petticoat Ruffles, Ruffles, and more Ruffles!

Today was a Free Day at Ardenwood so we were rather busy!  Lots of wonderful people enjoying tours.

The day was beautiful and the baby hummingbirds are enjoying playing in the fountain!  I tried so many times last year to take pictures of them but they are way to fast for my simple digital camera.  It is wonderful to watch them though.

After getting home I started working on more ruffles on the petticoat overlay.  The overlay of ruffles softens the bustle and smooths the lines.

I set up a sort of assembly line to hem the ruffle pieces.

I don't use a ruffle attachment, I do it the old way: 2 rows of basting stitches, then pulling the threads to gather them.  Then the gathers are pinned down after arranging the gathers all equally along the stitching line.

So, by the time I decided I had enough of ruffles I only had one more to go......till tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Cajun Zydeco at Ardenwood, one of the most popular events.  I believe there is a special event fee for admittance.  Lots of people have their roots from Louisianna Cajun and I love to hear their accents.  The French influence abounds in the music and the dancing is wonderful!  Everyone enjoys themselves.  They even have dancing lessons before the real music begins.  Come join in!

I will be in the Patterson House till 1pm and then I hope to get out to Deer Park to have my annual sugarless cookie one of the venders makes.  And maybe some of the Cajun food will temp me to try it.  Every year I try something new.

Then I will finish that last row of ruffles!

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