Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Next . . . .

I have some busy weeks coming up so....I have to figure out the next project to work on.

I really want to tackle Jen's Bustle Dress, but time-wise, my brain is telling me I need to get started on the Victorian Funeral Dress.  The Bustle Dress is for December.

So, here goes....I'm committing to the Victorian Funeral Dress.  I need it for the end of October.
The period is 1895 when George Patterson passed on.  But, I am going to head a bit earlier.  I want to add some Fru Fru to it.  I haven't ever really done that because I am usually at the turn of the century when most skirts were rather plain compared to earlier times.  When I made my bustle dress, my first, I planned on adding on pleats, etc. later but haven't gotten around to it.  And now I like it like it is.

I have some fabric I bought at JoAnn's that has a shiny side and a crape-looking side.  I bought extra for adding pleats.  I did try to find some good old fashioned crape but couldn't find any.  They have what they call crepe but it not the same as crape.  It was spelled with an "a" to distinguish it for funerals.  This crepe is like cotton gauze for summer clothes.

I am going to use the same top as I used for both the burgundy dress and the bustle dress.  It gives such a nice line....and I have my pattern figured out already.  I will probably use that design for Jen's bustle dress too, so it will give me a review before I tackle hers.

I have some black lace that may work for the vest area.  And I have a little thingy I bought  quite awhile ago for pleating and have never used it, so that might be an adventure!

I am going to use the same skirt pattern that I used for bustle skirt.  It has an option of just full in the back or pulled up into a bit of a bustle.  I hadn't planned on adding an apron but I do like this look:


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