Friday, August 8, 2014

Eyelets are in!

This afternoon I got around to putting the eyelets in Jen's corset.

First the holes are cut out with this tool, (way better than trying to get eyelets in a hole made with an ice pick or awl).

The eyelets are placed in the holes from the outside to inside.

This short little tool is placed on the outside, with the eyelet in its groove.

Then from the corset inside the punch is placed on the rough edge of the eyelet and hammered.  This makes the eyelet spread out on the unfinished side over the fabric. this.

With the short little eyelet tool still underneath with the eyelet in place, the taller eyelet tool is placed on top and hit with the hammer to smooth out the rough edges left on the eyelet.

So now all the eyelets are in and ready for the laces.

When Jen comes down for the final fitting the top and bottom edges will be finished off.

Next project will be Jen's petticoat!  It may be a few days before I start it.  

Tomorrow is the Murder Mystery at Ardenwood.  It sold out right away.  They increased the number that could attend from 25 to 30.  It has been a couple of years since we did one so I guess every one is ready to enjoy!  I wonder who did it!

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