Monday, January 26, 2015

A little here, a little there . . .

Today was a pins and needles day. . . Both actually and emotionally.  A Ben update is over due, I'll save it for last.

This morning Cathy came over for "consultation" on her sewing projects, that is, she is in the process of sewing 2 1860s dresses for friends that will be going with us to the "Bar-b-que at 12 Oaks" in April.  She has 3 boys, no girls.  But, she is diving in with both feet, making frilly Gone with the Wind dresses!  That be a bit of a distraction on this weeks activities!  If there can be any distraction.  More on that in the update.

So, while she was here, I grabbed her for a bodice fitting.  Everything seems to be working just fine!  I need to hit Joann Fabric for some more piping and I will be 95% done with Cathy's dress.  After she left I started to copy Jen's pattern.

Don't you like my teapot weight!

Before I finished copying all the pieces it was time to head over to Ardenwood for a training meeting.  I just love this time of the year over there!

 The sheep are in the meadow, the cows in the corn...

 Not really, there is no corn yet, but the cows are waiting for it.

A few of the flowers are blooming!

And it is very peaceful!

And spring is in the air!

Plans are in the works to visit sewing new outfits and hats and in general exploring Victorian fashions.


The IVIG was insurance approved (after a long fight for it) in December, but yet, not quite.  Anyhow, it is now ready to go for this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  8hrs a day for 3 days of IV treatment, hopefully to help overcome this PANDAS thing.

This is all the meds and equipment that arrived today to be ready to start Wednesday morning.  Lucky for Ben, he will have the treatment at home with 2 nurses per day.  It is going to be long hours from now until this is over.  And, just praying it works.  Usually it take 3 times of this treatment before it is complete.

Jen says it even better:

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