Monday, January 12, 2015

Christie's skirt and blouse finished

Christie's skirt and blouse are done for now...... Christie will be trying them on Wednesday.  The hem on the skirt is just baisted up so will probably have to re-measure it once she tries it on.  The finish it up.

It just so happens that the girls and I are planning on attending an event that calls for 1860s dresses.  Panic set in and I had to finish Christie's things quickly.  Now the panic sort of comes and goes.  But I went through this before the Christmas tea too. . . . And I had no problem finishing everything.  Anyhow, I am anxious to start.

I have 3 patterns already and Jen has another one so I may be doing mix and matching.

 I have the fabric for Cathy's dress and Jen picked up fabric for hers today.  My fabric hasn't arrived yet.  Since this is Cathy's first event, she needs a corset, etc.  And we all have to practice not having our hoop skirts fly up!!

Tomorrow I will start tracing patterns!

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