Friday, January 23, 2015

Jen's 1860s dress

I just realized I had not gotten to post a picture of Jen's skirt which at this point needs a button and buttonhole and a hem.  Since the skirt is dragging on the ground it doesn't show off as nicely as it will.

The hoop petticoat is the one for Cathy so it is showing a bit of the top hoop.  That won't be happening either.

I am off to that treadmill in the background before I cut out the straps and sleeves of Cathy's bodice!  

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  1. Wow that fabric pattern worked out great. Love! Thanks mom! I finished Rob's tunic except for the grommets that I'm waiting for in the mail. Next project will be something for me to wear - then I will go back to making Rob's puffy knickers.