Saturday, January 10, 2015

French seams

On request!  French Seams

If you have fabric that frays a lot easily this is how to enclose the seam edges easily.

Starting with the right side of the fabric:  match any notches . . .

 then lay the fabric with both right sides on the outside (or in other words, wrong sides are inside the sandwich of fabric.

Sew a narrow seam, about 1/4" wide.

Open up the fabric and press the seam to one side . . .

At this point, the right side of the fabric has a seam with the raw edge sticking out.
Now, fold the fabric at the seam to that the WRONG side of the fabric is on the outsides.

Press the seam.

Now, sew a seam along the edge of the fold, making the seam wider that the original seam.  I made this one 1/2" wide.

Open up the fabic, laying it flat and press the enclosed seam to one side.  This is your finished off seam with a the possibility of fraying enclosed.

Now you can turn over your fabric. There is a nice outside seam.

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