Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Update- a finish and a start!

I took Christie's skirt and blouse to her today.  I made it with the idea that it was to be very comfortable to wear. . . . Dressing up is not really her cup of tea.  Everything fit so now I need to finish the hem, it is just baisted right now.  And we decided I would make her a bustle pad too.

So once the hem and bustle pad are done that will be the end to that project.  Deadline is before March.

Then, I have started the first 1860 hoop-skirt dress!

Between other activities, I spent a couple days tracing out the patter, which is Simplicity #2881.  It has a lot of pieces, especially since it is for several sizes.

I cut out just the pieces for the skirt this morning.  I haven't worked with a Simplicity pattern in some time and I wanted to get a feel for their pattern before trying the more complicated bodice.

So far I have the cartridge pleats pretty much ready to go for the waistband.

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