Sunday, June 30, 2013

Art in the Garden, Day 2

Yesterday it was about 80 degrees at 10am at the art show at Reagan's Nursery.  All the artists were making all those trip out to their cars to bring all their stuff in to show.  I was just helping check them in, so I had it made this time.  Later I measured how hot the bricks on our patio were:  140.5 degrees F.

Made me so glad I wasn't there at that point!  Maybe it will be cooler tomorrow.  Though I must say, there were a lot of people there early to check out the wares and you cannot go to that nursery without buying some plants too.

Today I will be over there in the afternoon for about an hour to spell the artists so they can get their lunches, potty break, grab some water, etc. Maybe I can get more detailed photos to post later.


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  1. Ugh too hot for sitting all day - even in the shade.