Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What a small world!

I was just logging in a few bugs on CALbug ( and one of the collectors was J W Tilden.  We have a park north of us called Tilden Park, so I thought I would look up Mr Tilden and see if the park was named for him.   It turns out it wasn't named for him but Mr. J W Tilden was an expert in butterflies and wrote a bunch of books.  The butterfly I was logging in was collected on Mt. Hamilton, east of San Jose, CA, which I know well.  And....he lived on the same street as my Aunt Edna!!  In fact, she lived at 137 and he and his wife lived at 125 three houses down!!  Coincidence or what!!  I would just love to be able to talk to dear Aunt Edna about him.  I bet she and my uncle knew him and probably well.  They knew all their neighbors, especially the ones that had lived there a long time.

Anyhow, I hate Alzheimer's. 

I just think this beetle is really neat!  From Minnesota. I love it's designs.


  1. I've hiked in Tilden Park many times.
    That would be so cool if you asked Aunt Edna and it sparked a memory.

  2. There's no way she would remember at this point and she can only get out a couple intelligible words before just mumbles.