Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hat Update and Very Old Bonnets

The hat update is very short....I can not decide just how to decorate the two hats I just made.  So that project just have to bake a bit.

So I am still researching and decided to pull out two very old hats to see if I could be inspired by them.  Years ago, on a vacation to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania about 25 years ago, I found this black hat at an antique fair.  I think maybe this hat dates to the 1880s, but really don't know for sure.  At that time, it was a great place to find old treasures. 

Looking from front to back

From the back looking forward to front

The hat's left side

Showing the underneath, the lining

Along the front/side bottom edge while upside down

The milliner's  mark "Mrs F. Herest, Reading, PA.. 12 N 9th St."
The base on this hat is shiny like an oil cloth.  It does have a more open weave and stiffness though.

And, here is a second little hat.  This one I found at an Antique Show in San Fransico about 20 years ago.  It is very delicate, netting on a wire frame with a lavender velvet trim and a strip of beaded decoration.  It also has a crochet or tatting edge under the lavender edge.  This hat, I think, may date to the Civil War period, but again, I don't know for sure.

From the front
The right side
The back
The left side showing the beaded strip of decoration
The underneath showing the wire base
A close-up from underneath showing white basting thread holding on lavender ribbon to wire frame.

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