Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sold! A Beautiful Home!

My sister just called to tell me that their beautiful home just sold.  Now it is bittersweet - leaving a beautiful area, but going to a new beautiful area;  leaving lots of wonderful friends, but welcoming friends are already waiting!  Leaving beautiful view, but just as beautiful views await!

Now, serious packing!  But that will get done and then the move will be over and things will settle down.

Because I didn't get pictures of their beautiful place up sooner, here you go:

Part of the Front Yard

Side Yard
Part of the Back Yard
Look up and this is what you see!
Enjoy beautiful views from your bed
Or from your living room!
You can watch all the water traffic, especially evenings when the cruise ships, all lit, leaving or arriving in the Puget Sound.

Someone bought themselves a beautiful home!

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  1. For those wondering where this is: Port Townsend, WA