Monday, June 3, 2013

CalBug Update!

An Update on my transcribing on CalBug:  I have transcribed 454 records so far.  These are individual insects collected from 1800 to the present, and there are a LOT! It says the collection is 10% done and there are lots of other people transcribing besides me. 

I have been learning a lot about geography too, since I have to research to find out where certain places these bugs are.  I'm learning a lot of the different states of Mexico, Porto Rico, etc.  And there are lots of specimens of flies, dragonflies and moths.  I have also looked up some of the people that did the collecting of these insects.  Most of them have past away, 2009, 2010...They are esteemed people and accomplished a lot in their lives.  They sure did travel all over collecting insects!  I wonder what they thought their collections would be used for in the future.  Well, at least they will be able to be searched through quickly once they are all transcribed.

This is one of the insects that was collected in a special place to me and my husband.  In 1963, we went on our first camping trip together up in California's Trinity Alps area.  And we camped near Coffee Creek.  Our firstborn was just a few months old and I was sterilizing bottles on a campstove.  And, that was before Pampers, I'll have you know!  Yes, I am part pioneer. 

So, the info on that bug up there says: It was collected 10 miles north of Coffee Creek Ranger Station, in Trinity County, California on July 15, 1955 by J W MacSwain.  And the insect was found on a plant named Symphoricarpos, which looks like this:

This insect doesn't include it's name but I do remember a lot of yellow jackets trying to eat our cornbread....maybe it is an ancestor of one of the ones we saw.

If you are interested in looking into this volunteer project you can go here:

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