Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A fun evening in Victoria!

Going through "customs" in Victoria was quite a let down.....they didn't even look at our passports let alone stamping them.  Bummer, I was looking forward to another stamp in my passport.

As you can tell, the sun was pretty low and right in our eyes.

We had originally planned on taking a pedi tour (a tour in a little seat pulled by a guy on a bicycle) through a fancy neighborhood in Victoria with beautiful gardens, then for a tour through "The Castle" (quite a beautiful Victorian house).  Unfortunately those plans were squashed because we docked so late that "The Castle" was closed and the pedi's were done for the day.  Luckily we knew that before we left home or we would have been very disappointed.

Instead, we walked through ordinary neighborhoods admiring houses and gardens. We found ourselves at this cute little community on the water, sort of like Sausolito.  The houseboats were very cute and well taken care of.  It was lots of fun exploring the area.

We wanted to get to downtown though, but it seemed a long way to walk. Then we came across these cute little water taxis....

So off we went without hardly waiting at all!  When we docked right across from the Empress Hotel we had a lot of fun checking out the artistic planters and taking all kinds of "selfies".

Behind us is a planter of fish in their underwater home.  The use of plants was fantastic.
 Lots of selfies......we were pretty silly that night!

We headed downtown and I found a pretty neat store with native american art.  I bought a silver bracelet engraved with their symbols.

And of course we had to have our picture taken with the moose!

After wandering around a bit, we checked out the Empress Hotel gardens, and more selfies!!

Checked out the Government Buildings which looked rather festive.

Then decided to take a taxi back to the ship.  It was about 10 pm but not very dark!

Our bags were gone for tomorrow's disembarkation.  So it is pretty final...tomorrow, we have to leave our lovely Golden Princess!  We will be docking at 7 am in Seattle.

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