Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cruise 3 and Ardenwood Painting Event

The reason I didn't post last evening was because I was at Ardenwood.  We held the showing of the John Koch painting of "May" a sister-in-law to Henry Patterson.  The painting had been up on the attic with just a white sheet over it for years along with a bunch of other stuff stored up there. A couple of our docents were able to get tickets (very difficult to do) for the Antiques Roadshow program when they were in Santa Clara.  They had the painting appraised at $45,000 to $50,000. Although there is no date on the painting it is considered to be one of John Koch's earlier paintings.

So, back to the cruise!
I am still experiencing some of the "Disembarkation Sickness" feeling like I am still on the water.  It is so weird that the sensation is so much more swaying than I felt on the ship.  It is getting less and less and only a few times yesterday.

Saturday evening! July 6th
We had left the dock and headed out of the Puget Sound.  We had all our bags, put everything away, explored a bit, had dinner and headed for bed.  Poor Cathy, she insisted on sleeping on the sofa bed and even though they put and egg crate foam and extra padding it was still uncomfortable.  I should have insisted on switching with her a least a few times.  But, frankly, I was on too much of a high to really think of it till I got home.  But since she usually has Timmy crawling all over her at least part of the night, maybe it wasn't that bad in comparison.

BUT, a word to the wise, when cruising, the sofa beds are NOT comfortable.  Just saying.

That night since we were on open sea it was a bit rocky.  But I sleep though anything and rather enjoyed it.  The biggest awakening to me was the light at night.  I knew it doesn't get as dark in Washington as in the SF Bay Area in the summer but on the water and the further north we went it was lighter.  I thought since there would be no city lights that I would leave the curtains open..... The ambient light was sort of like dusk and it lit up the white foam on the sides of the ship, which then reflected brightly on the ceiling of our cabin.  And, since the waves with foam out there were moving, the reflections on the ceiling was moving.  That kept me awake.  So, the curtains had to close.

And by the way, I had heard horror stories about the noise of the stabilizers grinding and banging.  The stabilizers were used that night but you could barely hear them.  They sounded like a small low motor, not bad at all.

July 6th, Sunday
We had decided to have breakfast in our room so we had put out what we wanted the night before.  You can choose what time to have it delivered.  It was a little late but not bad.  The scrambled eggs were hot.

 "Nannabanana" had arranged a "meet and greet" in Skywalker Lounge with whoever wanted to join in.  We all decided to do a cabin crawl.  This means everybody gets to see what other cabins in other areas are like.  It is a great idea, especially if you might take another cruise.  We saw in different parts of the ship,  Inside Cabins, Balcony Cabins and our Window Suite.  It was a great tour!  A help in knowing what and where to choose for another cruise.

We had lunch at the Horizon Court, the ship buffet, the main dinning room located near the top of the ship with covered and open areas around a pool.  They had quite a few choices and everything looked yummy!  (Remember, I am trying to not kill my diet.  I had a salad with veggies and watermelon.)

After all that we went back to the cabin to take a nap!!  You remember in "Gone with the Wind" where all the girls had to take a beauty nap before the ball.  Well, tonight is "Formal Night" and the princesses had to take their beauty nap!

And the nap must have worked.  You know I rarely post a picture of me....

The Princesses made quite an impression at the formal dinner at Donatello's since we were known as the princesses after that.  We enjoyed the dress up and we met our wonderful table mates, Joe, Deborah and Gayle.  And Catalina took wonderful care of our table and kept us laughing too!

(I had the medallians of Beef Tenderloin and veggies.  It was sooo good.  A cookie and berries for desert.  I figured 33 ww points for today.  8000 steps, 12 flights of stairs.)

The ship has been sailing on calm waters today! And I keep getting lost.  I can't seem to keep the front of the ship straight from the back unless I see the water!  The ship is so big we don't see a lot of people.  The Verizon Court is usually the busiest place but there are always places to sit and it doesn't seem crowded.

Tomorrow is our Juneau stop.  We have our whale watching and Mendenhal glacier scheduled!

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