Wednesday, July 23, 2014

cruise 6 - Glacier Bay

It is so neat to open your curtains in the morning and to see a beautiful scene!  This morning I woke up at 4 am and we were just coming into Glacier Bay.  The water was very calm.  Jen and I decided to go do a promenade.

Cathy and I went up to Skywalker Lounge to enjoy the beautiful views.

The ramp into Skywalker Lounge

And another lunch with beautiful views...

The Captain was very good at giving both sides of the ship good view of the glaciers.  We went up on the 16th deck and had great views.

As the glacier works its way down to the bay it grinds off the rocks on each side.
See how dirty it is on the sides of the glacier. 
You can see how far back this glacier goes!
There was plenty room for everyone to see and hear the glaciers.  When I say hear, I really mean it.  When the ice is so stressed as it hangs out over the bay it finally cracks.  The crack sounds like thunder.  Then pretty soon you see powder and some of the ice falling, then larger pieces fall.

This is where we heard a crack!

And soon a bunch falls off... When big hunks fall off it creates a little tidal wave.
I was keeping my eye on that spire sticking up.
That spire was getting closer to falling in.
See the large cracks!

 Another one bites the dust!

And here comes the wave!  It looked impressive but it doesn't affect the ship much at all.

More tomorrow!

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