Tuesday, July 15, 2014


We flew up to Seattle on 4th of July with full intentions of watching the fireworks at the park less than a mile from our hotel.  When we arrived in Seattle we took a taxi to Maxwell Hotel where we had reservations......well, we almost got to the hotel.  The driver had repeated the address of the hotel and name and we figured all was well.  Unfortunately, we were having so much fun talking to the driver and laughing with him that he and us didn't pay attention where we were going.  He dropped us off at Hotel Max instead of Maxwell Hotel.  It took us a few minutes at the front desk to figure out that we were at the wrong hotel.  Since we packed for "all occasions"! we had six large suitcases that wouldn't fit in a regular taxi, two taxis had to take us to the correct hotel.  After settling in we decided to go to dinner, then to the fireworks, but being a bit shook up about the taxi thing and our arrival later than we had planned we decided to skip the fireworks.

Up in our room, all settled for bed all of a sudden the fireworks were putting on a great show outside our window.  All was well and tomorrow the cruise starts!


  1. Great start to your review - may I barrow some of it for my Cruise Critic Review I am writing?

    I had such a great time.