Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cruise 7 - leaving Glacier Bay

As we started leaving Glacier Bay there were quite a few icebergs floating by us.  They look pretty small here, but remember we are 16 decks up!

We viewed a couple more glaciers on the way out.   The experience is much like visiting Yosemite Nat'l Park.  It is all so huge it really shows us the power and might of Mother Nature.  We humans usually think we run everything.  We really need to realize we don't.

We had lunch in the Verizon Cafe and watched the beautiful scenery go by.

The naturalists from the Nat'l Park Service come on board in the morning to be ready to narrate the views we see during the day.  Then as we leave, the naturalists catch their ride home.

Lunch with beautiful views...

And then we went down to our cabin to get ready for our 2nd formal night!

Here we are in front of our cabin door!  See the beautiful poster Jen made in honor of Aunt Edna!

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