Thursday, July 31, 2014

The After Effects of a Cruise

Well, the after effects...... no one waits on you, no prepared food, no made bed, no chocolates on the pillow, no chocolate covered strawberries, no tiara events, no soothing rocking to sleep, no moving views while eating breakfast, no lovely places with scenery just going by, no smiling people at your beck and call, no one to pick up your towels in the bathroom, bummer.

And then there is dis-embarkation sickness.  I had never heard about this before.  Many people get varying degrees of sea sickness AFTER they get home on dry, still, land.  All three of us have had it.  It feels like you are on a boat swaying.  All of us feel like the land is moving WAY more than the ship ever did.  It is slowly going away but still gets you when you are not expecting it.  I especially feel it when I put my head forward, then, Whoa!!!

It can last up to a month.

I have started a new project......A whole outfit for Jen for the "New York Society Tea" in San Francisco in December, from chemise to bustle dress.

The easiest is the chemise...  photo tomorrow.

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