Sunday, July 13, 2014

We are Back!

After a wonderful cruise from Seattle through a beautiful tour of Alaska and back to Seattle, we are now back home.

It is bewildering though......where is the chef?
... and where is Noel, our "butler" that took care of our every need and some how knew whenever we left our room (he must have straightened up our beds, removed dirty glasses etc. at least 5 times a day).
... and where is Catalina, our favorite table person in Donatello Restaurant.
... and where are all those wonderful people that took care of us, were happy to do it, and were from interesting places.  We miss them all.

We miss the taxi drivers in Seattle that we had such fun with.

We just had so much fun and relaxation.  I wish I could have taken the Skywalker lounge home with me....along with it's beautiful views from the huge windows.

We have been left with the sensation that we are still on the ship though, the funny thing that it feels way stronger that the ship ever felt!  In fact, our trip was so smooth you had to really concentrate to be able to tell if the ship was moving!  Sometimes only looking out a window would let you know.

We will be pooling some of our photos.  Until then I will post a few of mine though I am definitely not the greatest of photographers!

I do have to say, The Golden Princess was a beautiful, well cared for ship.  We were next to other cruise ships in the ports and she looked so beautiful in comparison.

Our "Formal Night" portrait.
We wore our "Downton Abbey" tiaras to our formal night dinners.  We were known as "The Three Princesses" from then on.

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