Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cruise 6 -Skagway

July 8, 2014
We left Juneau at 10 pm and were on our way to Skagway.  The nights darkest time is like dusk in the SF Bay Area.  The water was as smooth as glass.

We arrived at 6 AM at the dock in Skagway.  We took our time getting up and off to Sabatini's for breakfast. ( I had orange juice, omelet, toast, berries - about 15 points.)

Then we went to join the line leaving the ship - it is the only time you see a lot of people on the ship!

We headed into the town.  Skagway beginnings were in the 1880-1890s during the Alaska gold rush.  It currently has abut 500 year round inhabitants but hundreds of workers come in to work the tourist season.

That red thing is a snowplow they put on an engine to clear the tracks.

A close up of the snowplow.
An old brotherhood lodge covered with driftwood.  Now a Tourist Information Center.

 We only walked about 2 or 3 blocks and Jen and I got sick of the "tourist shops" where everything is from China with "Alaska" slapped on it.  It started to get windy and rainy so we walked back to the ship while Cathy finished shopping for gifts for the kids.

Skagway has a train ride that originally had been used for the mining industry.  Now it is for tourists tours only.  I heard several people say they enjoyed it.

We ate lunch up in the Verizon Court.  And spent some time reading and sewing in the Skywalker Lounge with its great views.  Then took a nap after all that strenuous reading!

We all went to play Trivia in one of the theaters.  Lots of fun.

Dinner at Sabatini's
(For my info:  Butter Lettuce Salad
 Very lean pork slices with mashed potatoes
 Sugar-free coconut cake
about 10 pts

We left Skagway for Glacier Bay at 8:15 pm.

12,785 steps
20 flights of stairs
about 29 pts for the day

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