Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cruise ends, boo hoo!

This morning we headed down to our last breakfast in Sabatini's with our wonderful window.  Our wonderful servers offered to take a picture of us.

Well, we go back to reality today after such a wonderful cruise.

We docked at 7 am and after breakfast we headed to the Wheelhouse lounge.  One of the perks of having a suite was that we get to relax in the lounge until our "color" is ready to disembark.  I have to say, getting 3000 people off a ship within a few hours must be a real trial for all those managing it.  It went off perfectly as far as we could tell and so easy for us.

We left the ship and went to a giant room with all the luggage.  The luggage was arranged in areas by color, the color of your embarkment time.  You just find your color area, then find your luggage within this area.  Word to the wise....Tie an unusual colored ribbon on you luggage.  Especially if your bags are black!!  With tons of bags if you have something to differentiate yours you will be able to find yours a lot quicker.

We left the building and went to the taxi area across the street.  Then we had to wait just a bit for a BIG taxi to take us and our 6 large suitcases.

The trip to the airport, getting on the plane and the ride home were uneventful except for the fretting that those that had made the cruise so easy for us, Noel and Catalina missed the flight and weren't coming home with us......who would be putting the chocolate on our pillows, and what about our chocolate dipped strawberries????  It is going to be a BIG let down!

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