Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cruise to Alaska 1

Our itinerary:

The first view of our ship, the Golden Princess

Cathy before boarding
16 decks 
The first order of business, checking out the room (Window Suite F305 on the 6th deck).  We were so excited and I didn't get pictures before we started moving in!  Jen had to check out the mattresses and we had to figure out where everything was going!

There was LOTS of storage space!  This is just to show you a bit.

The bathroom was really nice and large, double sinks, jacuzzie tub, large shower with glass doors...and even more storage area.

We had Aunt Edna along with us in spirit.

Before we took off we all had to do our lifeboat drills.  That meant we had to locate our life preservers in our room and meet at our muster station.....the casino.

And as we left the dock, we had to say goodby to the Space Needle...


  1. Sorry, I got the bed messed up before you took your shot. I need to know if the beds really didn't have top sheet so I could ask the attendant for one. I'm anal like that. :)

  2. Silly girl! and I didn't get a shot of the couch side of the room.....guess I was too excited.
    We did really unpack in a hurry, huh! So excited to check out the ship!
    Teresa and Guy were by the lighthouse when we left and saw us go by!