Thursday, July 17, 2014

Alaska Cruise pg 2

The Golden Princess pulled out of dock around 4pm and we were so excited.
Of course, I am the worst photographer and I didn't get lots of pictures and when we get all our pictures together I will be adding more to these posts.

Once we found our room we saw the first evidence of Noel, our wonderful "Butler".  He had our room all ready for us, even some treats.

Our luggage hadn't arrived at our room yet.

Then we explored our way from our 6th deck room up to the Skywalker Lounge, the 17th deck that is high above deck 16 at the tail of the boat, or should I say Aft, with a great view!

Just to show you Skywalker Lounge, It is the highest area on the ship!

We went back to our cabins to get ready for lunch.  Our dining room was Donetello's .   This is a very nice restaurant and the food is very good.

My meal was salmon, potatoes and veggies!
After more exploring, and our luggage showed up and was put away.  The ship pulled away from the dock at 4pm and we watched as we left Seattle.  The views were great going through the Puget Sound!

One of the suite perks was Sabatini's for dinner on the first night.

Just for my own info: I had an Artichoke Souffle and a bit of pasta, steak and lobster and desert was a fruit tart. Yummy!

We went to bed so happy and contented, feeling a slight sway rocking us to sleep.  This was the only time we really felt the ship moving.  The rest of the time you had to look out the window to see something in the distance to be able to tell if we were really moving and which direction was forward! I felt like I needed a compass to keep my bearings on which end was which on the ship.

I figured I ate about 33 ww points worth for the day. The fitbit registered 9,455 steps and 21 flights of stairs.


  1. I would say more than slight rocking the first night - maybe it was the stabilizers that vibrated the wall my bed was against but dang it was bumpy.

  2. It was actually the picture on the wall above your bed that was making a little sticking sound. But I wouldn't say it was bumpy.

  3. The wall was actually vibrating and bumping me. I had to move my bed away from it. :)

  4. We should have exchanged beds! You are going to have quite a ride in May!

  5. Really mom it was just that one night - then when the sea went calm I missed it. I wouldn't have changed anything. Loved our vacation!