Monday, July 21, 2014

Cruise 5 - Mendenhall Glacier!

After we went whale watching the bus dropped us off at the park center for the Mendenhall glacier.  The glacier has melted back a lot since my daughter visited it about 20 years ago.  So much that they moved the visitor center back quite a bit.

The first sight of the glacier from the bus!

I was glad I took this picture because when you get up close it is hard to tell just how big it really is.
This is where the selfies really started.....

Mendenhall in the background!

Icebergs from Mendenhall

There was a big time constraint here.  When the park closes, it closes.  The buses have to leave, so, if you are not back at the bus at closing time you are out of luck with no bus.  We had a nice time checking out the glacier and then decided we would take the "short" trip to see a huge waterfall from the melting glacier.  The question is could we make it back in time?????  We decided to take the chance.  It turned out it was quite further that we thought.  We had to keep up a pretty brisk walk to make sure we made the bus!  But, Cathy was mesmerized by all the wildflowers along the way.

The only way we could get her moving would be to take selfies that she wanted to be in......

Where is Cathy!

In the meantime, it started raining a bit. We hoped it would not slow us down on the way back!
Finally, we reached the waterfall!

I was so glad we got to see the glacier and the waterfall.  Rather daunting that much water is flowing from that glacier every day every year.

Needless to say, we did make it to the bus with 30 minutes to go!  We were glad to get back to the bus!

Back at the ship we enjoyed dinner and Cathy and I watched a TV movie, " The Girl with the Pearl Earring", a story about the painter Vermeer.  We took the chance to relax and do a bit of cross stitch too.  Jen headed off to play trivia.  Of course, we enjoyed our nightly chocolate covered strawberries too!

Tonight while we are sleeping the ship will be heading to Skagway!

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