Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Great Day!

Today was just great!  This morning, the schools held "Special Olympics"!

When I arrived to watch, Tim was in a pretty funky mood.  I don't know if he just felt uncomfortable with all the people or he is coming down with something.  He doesn't really say when he is not feeling well so we all have to look for signs.

His group was doing soccer and he acted like he didn't want to get up and play.  But he is always so excited to see me and do things with me, since aides were guiding the kids play, I offered to his aide to play with him so he would go out on the field.  I hadn't planned this but we did have fun!

Doing stretches!

Going in!
Practicing kicking.

All the adults are saying "kick the ball!"  The kids were all thinking but there are other kids around, we don't want to hurt each no one was kicking the ball!  They were each sharing the ball, watching out for each other, what gentle souls!

Tim was going in for a check up, just in case.  He did have great fun and was really laughing, but wore out fast.

Then I headed up to Jen's house to dog and cat sit.  Jen and Robert are on their short little cruise, avoiding sea gulls pooping on them as they relax in the Serenity area on deck! LOL!


The tickets went on sale today....I got ours!


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