Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Today was catch up day

After being away for 5 days I took the chance to catch up on things.  One of the things I did today was to re-do the screen to the back bedroom window.  Oh, yeh, I forgot to tell you.  I had to break into my home after voting on election day.  We walked to the school to vote, about 5 blocks.  My husband always makes sure every thing is totally locked up when we leave so he checked everything and then we took off.  After voting, he decided he was too tired to walk all the way home.

I walked home and realized my husband, back at the school, had the keys to the house and cars, my keys were in the house.  The funny thing was I found one window open, but had to put a hole in the screen in order to get in.  So.....today was fix the screen day, pay bills, clean up around the house and order buttons for Robert's Mountie uniform.

Jen is coming down tomorrow with the Mountie jacket so I will start working on it soon.

 The movie I was talking about last night was "North West Mounted Police" with Gary Cooper.

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