Friday, November 7, 2014

Woops! Problem Solving Time!

I changed my mind on the lining for the Mountie uniform.  The lining I was going to use just seemed way too stretchy and limp.  I just happened to bring 2 yds of a red lining fabric I was going to use to make my husband a vest.  Well, it has been repurposed.

The back part of the uniform has a couple pleats in it that the pattern uniform did not have so I had to figure out a fix for that, which I have done.

I forgot to bring the piping and other trims so I am trying to get everything done that I can do without them.

Some of the next general steps would be:

1.  to add the piping along the front edges of the jacket and adding the facing at the same time.

2. add the lining of the jacket, finishing the bottom edges and the pleats, the facing edges, basting the armhole edges, but leaving the neck line open.

3. add collar, turn jacket lining.

4.  install the sleeve linings to the sleeves, attaching the linings at the bottom edge only.

5.  add the sleeves to the jacket, catching the main lining at the same time.

6.  hand sew the sleeve lining to the main lining.

So, using this list of what is coming up, I have decided I things I can still work on without the trim are:

1.  I can add the blue on the sleeves to the point of needing to add the trim, then attach the sleeves to the jacket.  I can add the trim to the sleeves when I get home.

2.  I can work on the collar to the point of adding the trim.  I will attach it after I get the trim added.

3.  I can work out the lining for the back pleat area.

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