Thursday, November 6, 2014

Courage and Cutting the Fabric and a Ben Update

Yesterday I drove up to Jen and Robert's house to dog and cat sit.  Jen is so cute, she leaves me notes all over.  It is sort of like an Easter egg hunt!

Do you think I brought enough stuff?

Last night I started sewing the yellow stripes down the sides of  Robert's Mountie pants.

And this morning I got up the courage to actually cut into the fabric for his Royal Canadian Mounted Police uniform!  

I needed to adjust the original patterns a bit.  And not finding any scotch tape around, I settled for Jen's duck tape.  Yes, it is duck tape, not duct tape!  Only in this case it is penguin tape!


I did want to show off the PANDAS shirt Jen got.  I had put in Ben's name but hadn't gotten a shirt.

We are still waiting for the IVIG.


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