Saturday, November 29, 2014

Photos! NWMP and Jen's Bustle Dress

Robert and Jen came to our house for Thanksgiving and did final, final fittings.

I had to know where to put the last button of the North West Mounted Police (1800s) jacket.  I also had to check out the length for the strap for the "bread bag".  He brought the boots, pants, gauntlets and pith helmet so we could see a bit of the final look!

And then Jen had to try her outfit on also.

We had forgot her overskirt so had to fix that!

Jen decided to show off her bustle.  She looks a lot better than Kim Kardashian any day.

Then Jen wanted pics of my dress:

No corset, etc except the bustle petticoat.  It really makes a difference.

Dearest and I have decided to go up to the tea on BART  with a suitcase of costumes the day before, stay overnight at the Palace, then Jen and Robert will meet us to get ready for the tea, using our room.  We will leave after the tea and Jen and Robert will be staying in that room the night of the tea.  Otherwise, the bathrooms are mobbed with people getting dressed and we have to worry about getting there on time, parking, etc. and departure time is 11 and check-in is at 3pm and the tea is at 2pm.   We plan on checking out all the Christmas windows that evening!


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