Monday, November 3, 2014

NWMP - Next Step

Jen and Robert and I got on Hangouts, which is sort of like skype, but better, and did a little fitting online.

It was very handy that I could take screen shots.

And then I have started to figure out all the stuff I may need while at their house doggie and kitty sitting while they are on their little cruise.

I plan to cut out the "real thing" while I am there and sew up as much as I can, so I need everything.

And just to brighten our morning!!  I looked out my window this morning and ........lookie what I saw!

The monarch butterflies overwinter at Ardenwood in the eucalyptus trees and they love the butterfly bushes.  These little bushes are wild, they just seed where ever they want.  When the monarchs find them and lay their eggs on them, the caterpillars just chomp every leaf off of them.  I have a butterfly bush much bigger in the back yard but the monarchs did not find it.  I have tried to move them from one bush to another with more leaves.....they will not hold on to the new one.  It won't be to long before these guys start making their chrysalis.

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