Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NWMP - Sleeve Progress

I spent quite a bit of time today tacking down the sleeve trim.  I finished one sleeve and the other has a bit more of the 2nd side of the trim to tack down.  The trim is rather delicate and the fabric is rather thick so it takes time and patience.

And my poor fingers need a break from all the hand sewing I've been doing.

When done with the trim I will need to cut out the sleeve lining, sew those pieces together, attach each to the wrist hems of the sleeves and then attach the sleeves to the jacket. . . maybe by Friday.

I need to give the house some attention too!

We are finally getting some rain!  Last weeks little bit of rain just soaked in so fast you couldn't even tell any fell.  Then early this week I actually saw my first puddle in years...I'm not kidding!  I even took a picture of it!

These pictures were taken at Ardenwood where the sheep saw me and decided I just might have something really tasty for them.

They gave me the cold shoulder when I didn't have a treat.

The catalpa tree in the back of the house was a volunteer and started at the same time I volunteered!  I have watched that thing grow from a tiny thing into this huge tree.

The Strawberry tree is in full bloom and looks so pretty with all it's varieties of shades that I just had to take a picture of it.

The Christmas decorating started Monday and the house will be open again the first Thursday of December.  It is always fun to see what they have come up with for the season each year!

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  1. Mommmmm!!! Your poor fingers - I can just imagine how hard that is with such thick fabric and intricate design. You Rock!

    Dad seriously bought THAT tree - huge!