Saturday, November 15, 2014

NWMP uniform - collar and back

Today I spent some time putting the collar on.  I had put the trim on yesterday.  I need to finish the front neckline still.

I also worked on the "tails" in the back.  I had to leave the top edges loose so I could get the trim under there.  Unfortunatly, I realized that I didn't measure correctly for the hem on the right hand side so I need to redo the trim there.

So I plan to
1.  finish the neckline
2.  sew the "skirt seam again
3.  then stitch that seam down
4.  remove the trim on the bottom of the right skirt
5.  re-measure the hem
6. replace the trim on the bottom of the skirt

Hopefully I will get all that done and if I get a chance I will start working on the front closing.

I need to find a longer pole to hold Robert up higher.  My dress form is set for my height and Robert is very much taller than me.

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