Saturday, November 1, 2014

NWCMP Uniform

The North West Canadian Mounted Police uniform we are going to put together looks something like this:

The differences from this uniform are:  the collar is blue with gold trim, the jacket cuffs are blue.
There are so many different versions it is crazy, but this is the type we choose.

This is an undress Bread Bag;

This is an original Bread Bag on a dress uniform.

On the dress uniform they carried a "bread bag"  on the sash across the back.  I cut one out and was working a bit on it when we were in Pacific Grove.

 I cut it out of 2 pieces of navy blue wool and 2 pieces of buckram.

I sewed a navy grossgrain ribbon on the edges and to create a bottom and sides.

I had found this cap medal in my Aunt Edna's jewelry box.  She has all sorts of treasures there.  It is for the Royal Corps Canadian Ordinance.  I know it is not quite right but it is Canadian and it has the Royal Crown on it!

I used this for the insignia in the center.

I then sewed the braid around it.  I looked for gold maple leaves but I couldn't find any suitable so....substitute!  And this is what I came up with:

Now to do the web strap.

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