Friday, October 31, 2014

NWMP Mock-up and Birthday Pics

Jen and I went down to Pacific Grove for our birthdays for several days and I slipped the mock up for the NorthWest Mounted Police mock-up for Robert.  She will have Robert do a fitting tomorrow.

In the mean time, Jen and I and my grand-dog, Isis, had lots of fun in a great place.  We spent lots of time at the ocean and finding interesting places to eat.

We also had fun just relaxing with Isis on the lawn, watching monarch butterflies flit by.  They overwinter in the San Francisco Bay Area (Ardenwood and Pacific Grove, as well as other places.)  It was nice and warm and they were very active.  I kept trying to take pictures of them but by the time my digital camera clicked they would be gone!

 Isis has a knee problem and has to wear a brace so her knee doesn't pop out with each step.  I learned how to take off and put on the brace.  I will be spending some time next week with her while her mom and dad do a short cruise.  She is such a sweetie.  Her worse vice is flirting with those long eyelashes of hers for treats.

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