Saturday, October 25, 2014

Victorian Funeral Practices at Ardenwood!

Tonight will be the last open house tours of Ardenwood's Victorian Funeral Practices.  Last night was so enlightening and even though we recreated a version of George Patterson's 1895 Funeral/Wake.  In the candlelight and kerosene lamps the mood was really set.

The Guest Parlor was set up for the funeral.

An after paying their respects, our guests went past the crepe-covered mirror and up the stairs where they learned about Victorian fashions and the funeral businesses that grew up around death.

Then they were introduced to a wonderful collection of Victorian Mourning Jewelry.

Many of the condolence letters to the Patterson Family on the death of George W. Patterson's young granddaughter, Georgia, are displayed in the nursery.

Time has stopped at the moment of George's Death.

 The funeral dinner was prepared.

And funeral "favors" handed out.

 Tonight will be your last chance to pay your respects!  Tours start around 6:30.  Hope to see you.

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