Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Friday Night at the Balloon Festival

So, after the Old Town, a rest and a swim, we headed out to the Balloon Festival!

We started with the museum since we had plenty of time.

An old weather balloon...

And the "basket".

The kids loved the museum!  But finally we decided we should check out what was going on outside.

Well, the clouds were certainly gathering!

Ben and I checked out the Children's Peace Memorial

And Tim felt he just had to walk.  So he followed this narrow circle path around and around.

Meanwhile, it started to rain!
 We found an open tent with chairs under it and decided to park it till the rain left.

See the rain drops!  And guess where most of the jackets the motel!

 Then, the rain stopped and off we went!
See sunshine on the side of the mountain!

At this point, we joined others sitting on the grass, ready for the show.  Unknown to us, there was a yellow flag up.  That means a decision was being made on whether to cancel the evening session due to rain.

Meanwhile, Cathy rustled up a turkey leg for dinner!

 And we waited....

Trucks were arriving on the lawn area with the baskets in back and the balloons in their trailers.

 And it got darker,

Eventually, it started raining steady and the red flag went up......Evening balloon flights were called off.

Oh, well.  We are going to get up EARLY and see the Saturday morning lift offs at sunrise.....Not supposed to rain on Saturday.

Let's go back for a swim at the motel!


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