Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Albuquerque Balloon Festival- Friday

The Balloon Festival has 2 sessions, early morning and late afternoon.  We had decided that we would do the late afternoon session and would check out Old Town Albuquerque in the morning.

Of course, we had to hit the Starbucks first thing out the door!

Ok, Cathy is awake!

We loved the art and the colors!

This is the arch into Old Town.  Beautiful design, fired tiles, some with 3-d effect, on stucco.

A great Native American musical group!

A little tease to get us excited to see the balloons tonight!

Tim found a bench and ice cream!

We had our WW2 "Code Talkers" sign Cathy's book.  These impressive men are 95 and 90 years old.

We enjoyed the art, Tim checked out all the rain drains (his hobby)!

 We decided to eat at this cute restaurant.  Parts of the building is dated back to the 1700s.

Loved the food!

Then we went back to the motel for rest and a swim before the Balloon Festival!

I will post more tomorrow!

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