Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Is Fall actually coming???

We have had such a hot summer that I really am looking forward to COOL!  And it has been cooler in the mornings the last couple of days.

After the docent meeting, I managed to take a fast photo as I was leaving Ardenwood...even though I had a car behind me!

Evidence that Halloween is coming!
I am getting anxious to....

Watch some Hot Air Balloons!  Timmy is certainly excited, just about getting on an airplane for now!

We may even get to see a natural light show...and some RAIN!

There will be School Tours when we get back and Behind the Scenes Tours on Oct 17 and 18th.  Trying to figure out what to wear to go up into the attic.

That is going to be a busy weekend for evenings at the park.  The pumpkin patch and Holloween train will be in full swing. We will be meeting our guests for the Behind the Scenes Tours and there will be wedding guests too!  When we did the Murder Mystery Dinner there was also an Indian wedding taking place.  We had to make sure the guests went to the correct venue!!

I will be starting the NWMP mock-up maybe tomorrow.  I picked up Tim this afternoon instead of starting the mock-up today.

Yes, we need to do an update...

Ben went in to give some blood for the genetic study.  Cathy said he just zoned out and did fine.

Meanwhile, I got my apple for picking up Tim . . .

The kids get an apple every day at school and if I pick Tim up he always gives me his apple!
What a sweetie!

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