Sunday, October 19, 2014

Jen's Hat

I decided to work on the hat that goes with Jen's Bustle Dress.  After looking at tons of pictures the hats were to give a tall look.  I decided I would do a "feather" look of fabric which I saw was a popular application.

I started with a paper pattern of what I wanted to do with the fabric.

Then I cut out the fabric, added a couple layers of netting to hold the fabric upright and basted in the folds.

 I attached the "feather" to the hat.

 Then I did a search though the old jewelry boxes to put a spark on the hat!

I make a rosette to go around the pendant I found.  I think it may be polished petrified wood in a gold setting.  This was one of my Aunt Edna's pieces, probably bought on one of her many trips.

I added some netting around the brim to soften it a bit.  I may fuss a bit on this some more.

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