Monday, October 27, 2014

New Project!! Northwest Royal Mounted Police ~1880's

Robert, our son-in-law, will be wearing a new Mountie uniform, if all goes well on my end!  He plans to wear it in December to the High Tea we will be attending!

I will be using the Reconstructing History pattern:

RH954 - Victorian Era Army Dress Tunic

The Northwest Mounted Police uniforms have quite a history, basically ending up with this jacket within the 1800's.

I bought some wool serge from and I had some muslin for a mockup.
 Meanwhile, Jen had made a duct tape dress form on Robert because I didn't have Robert available easily for frequent fittings.

The first step was to trace the pattern.  Actually, I bought the pattern on-line so that meant I printed off lots of pages of pattern and then taped them together (while on a large window to make it easier to see).  Then I choose the size we needed and traced the pattern pieces for those sizes.  Then those pieces were cut out of the muslin.  Using the basting stitch, I basted the pieces pieces together and put it on the dress form.

 Then I started to adjust it to Robert's body form.

 Now I need to have Robert try it on and see if my alterations are right, so far.

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